Squashing fetish

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Pornography also has negative effects on women as well, mainly in terms of self-esteem and self-worth. Not to mention seeing other women being controlled with such force and frequency could make one believe that they actually are just sexual objects and should be dominated by. Pornography degrades the moral values of a society. With increased pornography in the contemporary society, sex is no longer a sacred act shared between two people who love each other. Sex has been abused by many people, while there has been an increase in promiscuity Sabo In addition, the perceptions that people have about sex and women has changed.

Consequently, the media, and the distorted images they parade, is causing women and adolescents to become dissatisfied with their bodies. Women and adolescents girls are spending endless time and money, desperately, to get this look that the media has portrayed to be perfect. However, not only is the media using advanced technology to distort the images we see, they are also distorting our minds which is causing bodily dissatisfaction.

The extent that women and adolescent girls place on themselves and their bodies to attain perfection can cause massive stress and can be a risk to health. Some studies show that eating disorders arise from characteristics such as neurobiology, genetics, personality traits, and personal environment. The truth is that the media wants to sell all cultures of men women discontentment in order to make a profit.

Perfect idealisms of beauty negatively impact our children, our teens, our young women and men differently but equally. Even with the s of male anorexia and steroid use on the rise, women are mostly placed in media coverage on disordered eating and depression. The coverage always analyzes how the culture today affects women but overlooks its effects on the males. What we forget to notice is how many men are also becoming disturbed by the images they see. If women do not have a flat stomach or toned thighs, they are told that their body is not good enough.

If men do not have washboard abs, big biceps, or rock-hard pecks, they are told they are not fit squashing fetish. When women think they are too big, squashing fetish develop eating disorders.

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When men do not think they are fit enough, they turn to steroids or body stimulants. It can soon escalate to porn they used to be disgusted with squashing fetish can escalate further to violent hard core porn. This step of addiction can usually cause the viewer to be demanding and uncharacteristically rough during intercourse.

Becoming addicted to pornography can also lead to debt and also the loss of family if it goes too far. Once the viewer gets tired of pornography they start to act out sexually. The viewer will then become a sex addict. Fetisizing women limits what a woman is, could be, or wants to be, because the fetish with women is sex. A large part of The media uses women to bring attention to it, using them as sexual objects, meaning that people will not longer see them as human beings but as objects.

Women as sexual objects are usually young, posing passively, often dumb and beautiful. According to Julia T. When the media represents women like this, they impact the whole women gender in the real world. There are many ways pornography can affect the perception of body image of a squashing fetish, be it themselves or other people. Pornography mainly impacts the self-esteem, and can also set an unrealistic expectation of the human body to others.

Pornography has been linked to the damaging of sex lives between couples.

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Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Squashing is a new type of fetish that has come about in recent years; it is counted as a sexual perversion. Squashing consists of an obese woman jumping or laying on a smaller person for sexual pleasure. It can also be squashing fetish to their health; it is not safe for the other person involved. This sexual desire is considered immoral, in my opinion, but everybody has a different view on human sexuality.

Squashing requires a larger person that weighs anywhere from two hundred to six hundred pounds to jump or lay on a smaller person for sexual pleasure. The man will pay the woman for this fantasy. Some men have fascinations about being squashed by a larger woman; the man wants the woman to jump or sit on different parts of the body, like the face or chest.

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There are different aspects of squashing that people desire one of which is called gut flopping. The woman will pick up her stomach and make certain sounds and this activity is considered as an act of pleasure. This fetish is very close to sexual masochism and shares the same qualities to hydrophilla.

Some men are also attracted not …show more content… Some of the women that are involved with squashing, will jump or sit on the men till they cannot breathe or feel light-headed; the man has to tell the woman that she is putting his life at risk. There is a very high risk of the client being suffocated by all the weight that is crushing his body. There can be some damage to the man's internal organs, and as for the woman, she is at risk for heart disease for being obese.

The women would put on extra squashing fetish for the job, and this is very unhealthy for the women. For the women who are involved in squashing they often have problems from their childhood and are trying to find the closest thing to affection.

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Squashing fetish

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