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The Amazonian Beauty is what happens when Ms. Fanservice hulks out. Often times, such as in fighting video games like Street Fightera lot of beautiful women are jacked but no one comments on it, since to the characters it is the norm for them to see characters like that, despite the fact that they are still Ms Fanservices who go above and beyond the call of duty in some cases. This female character can take her muscularity to Heroic Build levels. They always have large breastsstrong toned muscles, toned midriffs, sculpted abs, toned broad shoulders, and strong well-developed legs.

An Amazonian Beauty will sometimes spend all her time in her battle gear in order to lead into a She Cleans Up Nicely moment when the plot requires stuffing her into more feminine attire like a ballgown or a wedding dress, both of which invariably end in Kicking Ass in All Her Finery.

Compare Amazon Chaser where a character finds a woman attractive because of her fighting skills. If he's attracted to her musclesshe's an Amazonian Beauty. Of course, both tropes can be in play at the same time if he's attracted to both. Given that these girls are often tall to further enhance their presentation of strength, romances with them are likely to result in Tiny Guy, Huge Girl and Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy. Some of these characters also double as Statuesque Stunners.

Often times giant women will be this type of beauty, especially if they are from a tribe of giants. When the female in question worries about the slippery slope between this trope and Brawn Hildait usually in Muscle Angst. Her smaller and equally dangerous sister or cousin is the Cute Bruiser. Doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful Brazilian women from the Amazon Rainforest. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. She's mighty-mighty, just lettin' it all hang out She's a brick The lady's stacked and that's a fact, Ain't holding nothing back.

Oh, she's a brick Anime and Manga. Houmei from AIKI is built like a bodybuilder, and wears a very revealing dress which has high side-slits on hot amazon babes sides, a Cleavage Windowand an opening on the back. Akemi Kageyasu also has a very toned build, and her clothing reveals her well-defined abs. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan is pretty hot amazon babes to leave Jean literally speechlessbut, man, is she ripped under that uniform.

While you don't get to see much of her muscularity in the actual series, some official illustrations have her wear tank tops and sports bras to show off her physique. Later volumes of Baccano! While she intimidates the hell out of most men it's somewhat reasonable to be afraid of a woman who uses a minigun as a one-handed firearmthe text makes it clear that the muscle makes her no less attractive.

Okoi from Basilisk is a tall and powerful kunoichi with a ripped physique to match, particularly her legs. The fact that she always dresses up in a much more stripperific manner than the other girls in the series, if to better use her powersonly shows this further. She is also considered quite attractive, maybe a bit too much for her own goodbut, then again, thanks to her blood-sucking abilityshe can more than defend herself from any scoundrel. Casca from Berserk is quite well-toned from her career hot amazon babes a mercenary, and even admitted that she was embarrassed to wear a shoulder-revealing ball gown because of her muscles of course, this did not stop love interest Guts from totally gawking at her.

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After the trauma she suffered from the Eclipse, however, Casca loses a considerable amount of muscle. Don't Meddle with My Daughter! Ironically, it's the reason she retired from being a superheroine : because hardly anyone could take their eyes off her. And some weren't content to just look. Later on her gender is revealed and some characters are surprised that she's actually quite busty and has a very feminine face despite her bulk.

Later on she starts wearing more flattering clothes and there even a couple panels where she's completely topless, which of course also shows off her incredible musculature. Dragon Ball Super : It appears Saiyans have this coded into their genome. Specifically, the Super Saiyan "third-grade" state, already shown to ificantly increase the muscle mass of the user. It also happens to noticeably expand the breasts of Caulifla, the first woman seen using it.

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As Vegeta calls the form " useless " for anything besides bait, attraction probably is its true purpose. Kalethe Universe 6 counterpart of another "legendary" Saiyan hot amazon babes, is able to transform into a muscular and taller "Super Saiyan Berserk " form. She retains the " dark-skinned beauty " description from her Shonen Jump press release description, in addition to her usual midriff exposing her new form's defined abs.

Her normal Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 forms follow the same trend. Coincidentally, Kefla, a Saiyan potara fusionadopts a similarly toned Olympian physique and tanner skin once she accesses her Super Saiyan form. It helps that fusion not only takes physical features from Caulifla, but also Kale. Ghost in the Shell : In comparison to later depictions, Major Motoko Kusanagi in the animated film adaption is shown to have some muscle on her bones such as when trying to rip open the hatch of a tank late in the movie, although she pushes her cyborg body past its limits, literally pulling herself apart.

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The extremely tight thermoptic camouflage bodysuit doesn't exactly leave much to the imagination either. The suit sticks pretty close to the manga as author Shirow Masamune is extremely fond of drawing statuesque women with an exquisitely detailed musculature. Very muscular especially in the arms and abs and very fanservicey up to and including a few naked shots in volume hot amazon babes of Iron Muscle. Most of the characters in the series lust after her, and she frequently finds her herself nude or in erotic situations.

True to the title, however, she does remain a virgin for most of the series in the manga. Valmet from Jormungand is ripped, and at least three guys on her mercenary team find her physically attractive, though it's mainly because of her large breastsas revealed in the Beach Episode where they try to grope her breasts without incurring her wrath. The same episode also had lingering closeups of her in a bikini, highlighting her muscled body.

Not only she's already pretty busty and has well-toned arms and legs, but also sports a rather impressive six-pack. She is the most muscular female in the series. Besides her archer skills and immense strength, Mildred has double pupiled eyesan attribute that provides her extreme accuracy at aim. Despite her muscular physique, Mildred's still plenty comparable to the rest of females in terms of attractiveness, a feature highlighted by her revealing outfit and some clothing damage.

Kimagure Orange Road has lead female Madoka Ayukawa: while beautiful and feminine, she's still a strong and muscular Action Girl and the actual Hero of the series. The Legend of Mother Sarah features one of the earliest representations of this trope in Japanese media, featuring a tall, athletic and imposing woman as the main character.

Despite her unusual build and seldom displaying her body, many of the men she comes across in the series ogle her like her co-prisoners in the work camps or openly state that they find her very attractive. Ghislaine Dedorudia, aka Madam Titty Kitty from Mushoku Tensei walks around in a stripperific outfit showing off her abs and Boobs of Steeland when Rudeus convinces her to drop her pants he's fascinated by how hard her glutes are.

My Hero Academia : Quite a few female heroes have this trait, but most prominently: Nana Shimura, the 7th user of One For All, has a noticeably bulky body in the manga and is very beautiful. She is described by Midoriya as a "beautiful woman with a tough expression". Mirko, the fifth top-ranked hero, is a Rabbit-themed hero that has a very toned torso, legs and arms.

She wears a Leotard of Power that doesn't really leave much to the imagination. Mizuki from One-Punch Manwho is very tall and extremely muscular fitting for a former Olympic athlete turned superheroine. She definitely stands out hot amazon babes the rest of the superheroines, but is still treated as very attractive in the series. Some bonus art of her features her undressing, and volume 20 of the series features her and other heroines in swimsuits.

Reiko Ando from Outlaw Star has the musculature you'd expect from a woman who's won the title of the "Strongest Woman in the Universe" four times in a row. She was aiming for the fifth time which would allow her to marry Fred Luowho's secretly trying to stop her from winning she doesn't realize he's not interested in women. The main character, Gene, thinks she has a beautiful and feminine face but is a bit freaked out by how muscular she is. Still, despite the opinions of the former two, she did have an audience cheering for her before her match.

Nearly all the female characters in the Panty Fighter series, Queen's Bladeare scantily clad fighters and provide lo of fanservice. Some of them just happen to be muscular as well. Cattleya's appearance can be described as matronly but strong. When she's not fighting, she could be mistaken as slightly chubby due to her ginormous breasts and having a bit of a belly. In combat, however, her muscles tense and you can see that she actually has extremely muscular arms, back, and bulky thighs.

Her outfit is an extremely revealing apron-like dress with hot amazon babes underwear. Risty is lean and muscular, and her outfit is a thong and a top that shows off most of her torso. There's also Anarista, a side character who's slightly more muscular than Risty.

Her default outfit is a fishnet leotard and a loincloth. All of her outfits are equally revealing. Geniethe resident swordswoman of Rune Soldier Louieis shown to be pretty built in both the arms and chest department and is quite tall. She also strides into battle with little clothing other than hot amazon babes appears to be a midriff-barring bikini with a loincloth and cowl worn over that. Not to mention she hot amazon babes the exact same amount of bulk and muscle mass as the titular character Louie, who himself is one of the biggest characters in the series.

Elle Ragu from Shadow Skill. The 59th Sevaar of Kuruda and one of the Four Fighters. She is the main heroine of the series and a master warrior in the martial art known as "Shadow Skill". Elle sports a slender though very muscular physique in both her anime and manga depictions, a feature that goes hand in hand with her courage and tomboyish attitude. This causes her to often act hastily and not so wisely. She also has a younger adopted brother, Gau Ban, whom she protects and teaches in the arts of the Kuruda fighting style.

However, towards the end of the series is implied that their relationship changes from siblinghood up to a romantic affection. SHWD : Koga's absurdly strong physique is drawn attention to several times, particularly in her introduction, in which her thick arms are given as much attention as her generous bust. Episode 2 introduces Leone "Leo" Cass, who has a very similar build to Koga. Sawada may be a lot slimmer and shorter than Koga and Leone, but she's still quite muscular in her own right and is given several scenes that showcase her musculature.

The manga even opens on a scene of her working out in a sports bra, with lots of attention paid to her toned arms. When he embraces her and says that he's fond of big girlsshe briefly looks as if she's about to cry tears of joy much to the others' surprise. The anime adaptation of Super Robot Red Baron had "Lady Muscle", a tanned, blondemuscular mecha pilot rocking a bikini who after being asked out on a date by an opponent replies that she wouldn't want to soften up when she has to kill him.

Michelle K. Davis from TerraforMARS sports a very muscular physique as seen when she bares her midriff in her manga depiction and in anime based official artwork. Her attributes are mostly due to the genetic characteristics of the Paraponera Clavata commonly known as the bullet ant which she inherited from her father.

But her physical strength and 85 kg of muscle also find an explanation in her weight training. She is a main love interest for Akari Hizamaru but most of the guys of the mission crew also find her attractive, becoming occasional Amazon Chasers when they see her displaying her fighting abilities. Supaz from Ubel Blatt was a fat woman in a modest royal dress and cape. Later on, Lord Glenn grants her and her brothers' new powers which, for her, slims her body into an athletically built woman with one disproportionately more muscular and monstrous arm.

Unlike her brothers, who are in full armor after their transformation, she's in an armored leotardwhich exposes her abdomen and has a Cleavage Window which shows off a lot of her chest. Unfortunately for her and Mishashe likes 'em young. Variable Geo : Jun Kubota is a former Olympic wrestling champion and has the physique to show it; being tall and semi-muscular. Which makes her the most athletic combatant competing in the VG Tournament.

She's also a dark skinned raven-haired beauty, with a stunning figure. Suffice to say, when she had to stripfollowing her loss to Yuka, the crowd liked what they saw — muscles and all. Tania from Yu-Gi-Oh! GXa literal Amazon. She hot amazon babes truly gigantic, towering over nearly every character in the show both in height and muscularity her biceps are almost as big as her head. She completely blows Misawa's mind and he becomes hopelessly smitten with her even staying with her in her home dimension later.

Card Games. We get a good look at her ample muscle development with both her normal variant's costume a tight-fitting top and shorts and her Extremist variant's costume even more tight-fitting Leotard of Power. The majority of the Amazoness series of cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Their revealing attire doesn't exactly hurt in this regard either. At one point they had a segment on the show featuring the attempts to find a wife for Tsakhi, featuring videos sent by women from all over Israel who tried to win Tsakhi's affections.

One of them was a prime example of this trope: a well-built and fairly attractive woman speaking to the camera while lifting weights and talking about training with Tsakhi. Meir wasn't too thrilled with herbut Tsakhi seemed to be more open to her, and even remarked it could be nice to say, "Watch out, or I'll call my wife on ya!

Hot amazon babes

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