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When a boy from 38 kilometres across town messaged Jamie on popular teen app Tellonym to ask if she would add him on Snapchat, she decided to allow it. Grace, a teacher at a Melbourne private school, and her daughter, Jamie, who was allegedly raped by a stranger she got to know on Snapchat in October last year. Credit: Penny Stephens. He told her he was 15, and at first the messages were benign enough.

Jamie says the boy began to pester her for nude photos, which she declined. She relented and sent him suggestive but not nude photographs and, also after incessant requests, told him where she lived. I was like, stupid me thinking someone is paying attention to me, someone actually likes me. When the youth arrived at an eastern suburbs platform, Jamie realised he was much older than she had been led to believe.

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The youth stopped during the alleged attack to take photographs. Grace says she was told the man was found relatively quickly using CCTV and myki data, and information Jamie provided. He confessed to all acts Jamie said had been done to her but insisted he had no reason to believe any of it was non-consensual because Jamie did not fight or try to run away.

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There is nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of our Snapchat community, and this type of activity is firmly against our guidelines. Grace says she was told by investigating officers that Snapchat did not return attempts to contact it. A Law Reform Commission spokesman said recommendations were at draft stage and would be delivered to the Attorney-General at the end of August. Cyber safety expert and former Victorian policewoman Susan McLean said there was a large increase in grooming of young people online while Australian children were locked down inthe evidence of which is starting to emerge.

If this can happen so easily, how many other people are getting away with it?

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Melbourne snapchat girls

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