Guys sexting pics

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Do you girls ever wonder what kind of pictures do guys like to see? Go through this post to find out.

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If you sleep in the nude, we so totally want your I-woke-up-like-this selfie and we want it just for our eyes only. Your cell phone has this amazing feature — a self-timer! Please use it to click a full-body shot of yours? That pic!

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A slideshow of sorts — with one more item of clothing missing as we progress. This will have us hooked to the screen! Sometimes an innocent picture can be turned into something naughty with the help of a few explicit words…. Looking at your beautiful body from your point of view… What a stunning picture! Sorry, ladies! We still get super turned on by this kind of picture.

Looking at your bare shoulders and back while you wrap the rest of your body with just a plain blanket is absolutely tempting for us.

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We love it when you are dressed in a saree. And we love it more when you tease us with a picture of you wearing just a saree and not the blouse. Send your picture like this!

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After or before your shower, when you are wrapped in just a towel that covers you from your breast to thighs… please capture this moment for us. POPxo Man Aug 16,

Guys sexting pics

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