Cute dick names

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In the process our aspiring playwrights decided to compile a list of synonyms for the word penis to use while writing. If they missed any, please leave the missing penises in the comment section below. Tags: national coalition for menpenisv dayvagina monologueswomen studies.

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I called it Richard when we were dating and writing letters to each other for you younguns, that was e-mail before the e. Im a lady and if any dude was to ever call it a knife to me I would run as fast as I could and wouldnt look back. Calling your thrust rocket a knife is the equilvelent to me calling my pleasure hole a cheese grater. Slime spitting flesh monster Dick stick make it quick Trouser tumor Mr. Long skin Pump action protein shake dispenser Hump lump Flesh bat with balls included.

Who knows. My family too! I find people in the North East Virginia on up called it a bird. I assume that means you see dicks as a negative thing to have and to hold. You must be a trans!!

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Not that there is any thing wrong with a trans guy…. I love my dangus. Cucumber,footlong,pickle,the stallion,the womenator,swipe,shaft,franken beans,corndog,captain cave man,mighty mouse,pipe, powerdriver,the destroyer,magic stick, mandingo,king Kong,donkey dick,pistol pete,quick draw.

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Matt, it sounds like your girl may have once been a man because I am pretty sure that I have been spanking my monkey for more than my entire life. Nice article, Harry. It's about time we bring this out for open discussion.

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I've really grown tired of the smae old women crap that we're subjected to on TV and elsewhere. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Search in content. Search in excerpt. June 8, Whatever you call it, its mine! What about meat member ship… comment edited. Another one i use is Car. Get it the car parks in the garage vagina.

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Kerimaon on June 26, at PM. Isl Gypsy on September 20, at PM. LOL… She opened a can a worms on that one. Stephen on November 9, at AM. Rachel Frenchers on October 26, at PM. Meat Dragon spewing white syrup. A world of Warcraft type cute dick names things.

Why not just President. How about the Portugese hand pump or the one eyed cobra. Also trans women are women, regardless of having a wingding. It looks like somebody has a little too much time on their hands….

Girls call their part a monkey. Except in Britain, where it reached One! Actually I was thinking of suggesting " ways to name your lover" It's kind of a take off of that silly Paul Simon song. Dragon Ball. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Social :. Grief and Murder. Make a Donation. NCFM. NCFM Endorsements. Sexual Violence. Excellent Resouce. Over 2 Million Visits.

Victims of Immigration Fraud. June 21, Tara J. WORD Live. Mission Statement SinceNCFM has been committed to ending harmful discrimination and stereotypes against boys, men, their families and the women who love them. We are a gender inclusive, nonpartisan, ethnically diverse organization that effects civil rights reform through advocacy, education, outreach, services and litigation.

Cute dick names

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Ri-dick-ulous Nicknames Guys Call Their Penis!