Still, anyone looking for a space-efficient HDTV that delivers superb picture detail with quality video content such as Blu-ray movies, broadcast HD, and even the latest console game systems will find this set to be a solid choice. The left-hand edge of this input panel incorporates the TV’s on-display controls as well as a set of side-accessible inputs, including an additional HDMI port. Compare the HDTVs mentioned above side by side. Not all screen widths are available for all programming. The 32CVU uses Hz LCD technology rather than cutting-edge Hz, and it exhibits some smearing of details when displaying fast-motion video, but its performance in this respect was as good as I’ve seen from a Hz set.

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Toshiba 32CVU REGZA LCD TV Review & Rating |

With standard-definition video input ihowever, overscan was borderline excessive at 7 percent. Resting upon its matte-finished stand, the 32CVU measures The Best TVs of Pros Excellent picture eisplay. Nonetheless, its color quality, while above average, reveals some inconsistencies when depicting darker scenes.

Not all screen widths are available for all programming. The Best PC Games.

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Cons Color shifts in dark details. References 2 Displa Backbone: The set’s performance with standard-definition material was less impressive but certainly passable, and all video sources were mildly tainted by the TV’s elevated blue levels, but this type of color error definitely isn’t a deal breaker.

Average standby power consumption measures a scant 0. Superior HD video processing.

How to Adjust a Toshiba Screen Width |

These settings provide a broad range of widths and aspect ratios, depending on the content you are viewing. The primary input panel is located on the back of the set regz the left-hand side, with the ports facing outward for easy access.

The set’s all-black styling includes a 1. One item of concern: The flat, baton-style remote control is lightweight and solid. In default picture mode, the 32CVU’s color quality matches well with the standard gamut used in HD video production, meaning that almost all of the colors available in the HD palette can be displau on-screen.

With its backlight level reduced for eye-friendly viewing in a dark room, the 32CVU delivers an average black-level measurement of 0. The Picture control highlights. The TV’s matte screen surface appears very dark as well, further enhancing apparent picture contrast in a well-lit environment. A thin mesh-covered stereo speaker bar with two 9W speakers centered below the screen provides ample volume levels for a midsize room, but the bezel that borders the bottom edge and sides of the speaker bar is a bit unsightly.


How to Adjust a Toshiba Screen Width

While the TV’s representation of blue was somewhat oversaturated, this was correctable using calibrator-friendly controls. He is currently living in Albuquerque, N. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to risplay site name. Adjusting Via Picture Control 1.

About the Author Nick Davis is a freelance writer specializing in technical, travel and entertainment articles. The default picture settings provided effective video noise reduction when the TV was playing a selection of oft-watched standard-definition SD material; I noted loss of detail only when the set was reconfigured to its highest levels. Nick Davis is a freelance dispplay specializing in technical, travel and entertainment articles.

Toshiba 32CV510U REGZA LCD TV

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. While blue errors are the least obvious to the human eye, the 32CVU’s grayscale control white balance lacks an adjustment for the dark gray region; it’s limited to peak gray color adjustments only.

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