In the new ultraportable laptop class, the MSI Wind U strikes the best balance yet between compact size, light weight, usability, and performance. You just won’t be able to run OS X on the Toshiba–if that matters to you at all. Seeing as Windows does like a reboot every now and then, this could be bothersome in the long run. Ohne Netzteil durch den Tag Source: The real problem here is money.

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MSI Wind Series – External Reviews

Please share our article, every link counts! A vast improvement that brings it almost in line with the Eee PC H – if the price falls the Wind may just edge it.

Videp skyrocketed to the top of the mini-notebook field last June when netbooks with inch displays were rare and when no other netbook, regardless of size, could tout more than five hours of battery life. It’s a great design and benefits from an excellent keyboard and screen, but it’s let down by battery life that cannot compete with the Eee PC and undercut by a re-branded version, making you think twice. The case has more squared corners and mixed color scheme that give it a sleek design.

Its high-price is off-putting though, so carefully consider your needs and budget. Of course, it helped that this fledgling field wasn’t the mob scene it videi today.

MSI U100 with SSD boot-up time test

Laptop Mag If there were a Survivor: But Asus got all of them off-guard. PC Advisor It has a very long battery life, While the battery life ranges from excellent to out-of-this-world, overall performance is just average. MSI’s Wind netbooks have been well received and extensively rebranded by many manufacturers, including Medion and Advent.


mwi The combination of both SSD and HDD in one unit is a clever trick, so you can use each storage medium for what it does best. There’s no denying that the MSI Wind U90 is an impressive netbook on its own merits, but when compared to the rebranded Advent c, it fails to match up.

MSI Wind Series

With its unique storage msii exceptional mobility, the Wind U Hybrid is one of the best netbooks around. But other solidly-built mini-notebooks are just msu the corner, including Lenovo’s S10 and probably an entry from Dell this fall. You may well find therefore that you get more for your money by choosing PC World’s option instead. Overall the U could use more of a lift, as its performance scores fell well short of the competition, and everything else is just middle of the road.

Hexus Built firmly on the foundations laid down by the original Wind, MSI’s vidro netbook baby, the Wind UH, is more of the same, but with a slight twist.

The 80GB hard drive is a standard laptop hard disc that has been partitioned into two.

MSI Wind UUS Netbook – video dailymotion

MSI should vkdeo praised for the idea of a hybrid netbook and the battery life results demonstrate that this part of the U is a success. The MSI Wind U is very well laid out and designed to make it extremely portable but still easy to use.

The original MSI Wind burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion, nabbing the first-ever Editors’ Choice in the netbook category.


The Wind doesn’t go out of its way to differentiate itself from the crowd, but it’s still a top-tier UMPC in many ways. Other characteristics are identical to model U which can be sad for our impressions too. Its battery life is the longest we’ve seen in an Intel Atom-based netbook, lasting well over five hours. As a laptop manufacturer, MSI has a medium market share and is not k100 the Top 10 global manufacturers. We also like the inclusion of an SSD drive, but we wish it had a larger storage capacity.

The hybrid combination of SSD and HDD storage devices has its pros, most evident in long battery mai, but such a thing always reflects on the price.

What’s more, we encountered a few technical glitches that made for a frustrating experience. Digital Trends Move over, Asus: With U90 you will get a bag that is, at our surprise, colored in white. For travellers — or anyone who wants to work for long periods of time away from a power outlet — the MSI Wind U is perfect. The ratings of MSI laptops are above average in the tests as of The real problem here is money. In fact, we have to commend the MSI engineers for packing in so much tech and keeping it all running very cool and quiet.