Click the Settings tab. Playing VideosThe My Videos window in Media Center makes iteasy to play home video files you created or videofiles you downloaded from the Internet. Insert a blank CD-R disc. To enable digital audio output: Wall to VCR to TV using coaxial cableRemove the coaxial cable at the input to the VCR,and connect it to the input of a coaxial cable signalsplitter not included; available at electronics stores.

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HP PAVILION M7470N Drivers

Connecting the Sounc SensorThe remote sensor is a small device that connects tothe PC and allows the remote control to work withthe Media Center program. Driver Reviver Driver Reviver support.

The following table describes the functionalityspecific to each of these programs. Make sure the Video inputsetting is selected, not the TV setting. You can create a playlist that includes several tracksfrom various CDs or even a dound that containsbackground music for a slideshow.

Page 3 Table of ContentsWelcome The muvee autoProducer zound makes a movieby combining the video, picture, and music files youhave selected, along with the style of movie, suond together all of these pieces into a professionallooking movie with just a few steps.

Changing Media Center SettingsIn the Media Center Settings window, you canchange settings for viewing your pictures andslideshows, and for controlling sound and thedisplay of all the Media Center windows. In the Settings window, select DVD.


This does notaffect the originalfiles on your harddisk drive. You can control the Media Center functions andnavigate Media Center windows by using theremote control, the keyboard, or a mouse.

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To add the names and numbers of thechannels that are missing or to change theassociation between channel numbers and lineups: Setting up multi-streaming audioExample 1: To enable digital audio output: Plug theother end of the cable into the S-video Inconnector on the back of the PC. When your computer is in Away mode it appearsoff, but you can actually still perform tasks such asrecording TV programs or music files. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

Table of ContentsBefore Getting Started The following items are optional and canbe purchased separately: Page 38 Media Copy ProtectionMedia content, such as DVDs or TV programs, mayplace restrictions on rights to distribute or copy thecontent, depending on what is permitted by thecopyright owner. This is an optional feature.

HP Pavilion Media Center TV mn Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

StopThe Volume knob cancontinue to be turned,even after maximumsound has beenreached. Burning from an image fileThe image file remains on your hard disk drive untilyou delete it. Click OK again to close the window.


Soud can create two main types ofmusic CDs: Other file types are supported if yourPC has the correct software installed. To open Media Center using sounr remotecontrol, simply point it at the remote sensorand press the Start button. Use it todetermine which program to use to perform a task.

Page 58 M4770n My Pictures in Media CenterMy Pictures is a folder on your hard disk drive in theMy Documents folder, and it is a Media Centermenu item that allows you to view and search foryour digital images by using the remote control orthe keyboard and mouse.

Turn on the speaker system. Cyber Monday Eound This allows you topause or review a live TV program for up to 30minutes. Making the movieAfter you have added at least one video or picturefile to your movie project, you can have muveeautoProducer make the movie.

Use media playback controls: Away modeturns off the display and mutes the audio.