This mouse works on bit operating systems ONLY!!! I’m on Linux as well, and can say that most Logitech mouses don’t need extra drivers unless they have extra buttons. All prices listed in Canadian dollars. Thanks, but backlit and laser. It’s fairly light and it looks fairly cool. I this price range, I’d probably buy the Zowie that ambidot mentioned

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Quality and longevity are my main goals.

I want one that will last. Got One To Sell?

Logitech M-BT58 M BT58 MBT58 optische Mouse USB beige black NEW

I’ll have to try out the package on your disc when it finishes downloading. A contact at Immersion has allowed me by58 include the full version of TouchWare Gaming in the image.

But my dying mouse is part of the problem. If you can find something that definitively proves dpi or dpi, I would be very interested to know. Unfortunately, you can’t see the cool irridescent sheen effect in this picture.


Logitech M-BT58 M BT58 MBT58 831115-0000 optische Mouse USB beige black NEW

I have also created a page about my findings with this mouse at: Sadly, the guts of the mouse are quite different and I was unable to change its “clothes”. Here are all the details. I’ve also got some old M-BJ58 mice that had this.

All prices listed in Canadian dollars. For additional information please feel free to contact our by58 support on I think ZA is a bit better for palm grip while FK models are designed mainly for clawgrip View attached image.

I’m using an Acme MS Still, it’s a pretty cool and nifty gimmick if you’re running bt588 legacy machine. Thank you, ZA seems best for me. Will buy either M90 or Zowie ZAxx. Not a good mouse though, randomly dies, requiring the battery to be pulled and replaced same battery, and the battery tests as good.

As usual, it will not fit the original budget, but after reading all the posts, I think it’s worth the money. I guess K use them at some point. Need bt558 use the driver, and manually reconfigure it to scroll.


That’s what I’m thing of. So, is that really dpi or is it just marketing bullshit from Logitech? For a comparison between Zowie mice see here: What are your impressions, viewed with modern year eyes?

Cheap mouse recomendation (dead Logitech BT58)

Here’s the rodent itself, freshly released from captivity: You trade the PS2 compatibility for the Immersion iFeel “force feedback” gimmick. See ‘Notes’ next to grade for included items.

I had 5 button mouse in the past. It’s a nice touch.

Thanks, I was thinking about M90 – the same, but without tilting wheel. Very interesting; didn’t even know such a thing existed. I have its identical looking cousin, the BD58, sitting right here next to me, connected to my retro-tester PC.