Well it seems one thing leads to another. This driver implements basic functionality needed to initialize and configure Prism2-based cards, to send and receive frames, and to gather statistics. My orinoco gold pcmcia card stopped working. I absolutely agree that this should be marked high priority. Have re-opened this bug to reflect that it still affects kernel 2.

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This does not require prisn2 special firmware for the wireless LAN card. Get Involved Report a bug Ask a question. Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee on The hermes based cards are incompatible with the hostap driver and hence the patch to detect cards with “Intersil” in it only. I observed a similar behavior after upgrading my ThinkPad from edgy to feisty: My wifi card worked well with the hostap drivers in dapper.

In addition, it includes an implementation of following IEEE No summary available for linux-wlan- ng-firmware in ubuntu yakkety. The Bionic Beaver supported.


Prism 2/2.5/3 USB devices (wlan-ng)

I don’t know yet how to write a patch but this is what I did:. Robert Knight robertknight wrote on I can help with testing if needed, but i can’t help on nuku’s proposed ideas Pascal Vincent pvincent00 on Please let us know your results. Setting gutsy to invalid. WEP supported, bit key Oct 13 This package has 0 new bugs and 0 open questions. Surely after such a length of time the launchpad janitor should be closing these old bugs due to dis-interest?

Using lonux latest version of the tools is recommended. I have just installed a basic command-line version of feisty herd 4 on a usb pen drive.

linux-wlan-ng – Debian Wiki

Person who added gutsy kernel wasn’t running gutsy and all reports say fixed in feisty. I dunno if this is the same problem as bugbut maybe. I also tried single linxu mode to the same effect. Subscribers To all bugs in linux-wlan-ng in Ubuntu: Station name “Prism I” [ If I boot my laptop with the wireless pcmcia card inserted then it hard locks the machine about half way through the boot process.


Head burner wrote on I’m not sure if the 0.

Perhaps this is something to do with differing version magic numbers in the kernel modules hostap. Too bad this had to be pushed to the edgy-updates though I understand the time constraintsbecause there will be a class of users that install edgy and may not be able lnux connect to the net wirelessly to get the update without config file tweaking.

It could be related. Nominated for Hardy by Joe Clifford. Can you confirm this issue exists with the most recent Jaunty Jackalope 9.

Copyright cJouni Malinen and contributors. Later posts regard hostap pci drivers which seem to work sometimes?