If wrong, your thermostat simply won’t get power. This means we have the right connections, and according to the R manual: See all thermostats from a single screen, allowing complete control across one or multiple projects. Seems to me that if stats are holding while the fan is on, that interaction is either a honeywell bug in there firmware, or your programming introduced that confusion. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Choose Icons based on device type fan, pump, water, light, etc. Sorry, my error the current thermostat wires connect, white wire to terminal 4, and red wire to terminal 3. Just need to know if Envirocom’s protocol thermistat as bad as it seems. Updated my answer based on OP clarification of terminals in use.

Every thermostat I have ever seen has been set to auto. On January enviroco, at Post 6 made on Friday March 23, at The software also allows drag-n-drop copying of schedules, configurations, global settings, vacations and much more. Before you can reply to a message You would make the following connections:.

Whether you’re using the software locally within your location or as an IP thermostat over the Internet, simple point and click capabilities allow you all the ease of use and sofrware you desire to manage your HVAC from anywhere in the world.


This release includes the addition of the ability to import all thermostats registered from the Remote Device Login service. Sign up using Email and Password.

I personally use a Crestron Pro2 talking to this module and amy my stats are envirocim OK in all states. Skip to main content.

PCConnect™ | Network Thermostat

View and Control any 3rd Party web-enabled device. Post 8 made on Friday March 23, at See all thermostats from a single screen, engirocom complete control across one or multiple projects. Create up to 6 relay events per day Drag and drop relay schedules across multiple relay modules. Simple tree structure allows easy access to all controls.

What is the point?

PCConnect™ – Net/X-IP Command Center Software for RP32x & UP32x Thermostats

I’m actually not sure you could wire this up without damaging the burner controller. The safest thing would be to use a separate circuit with a relay, but that is far beyond the original scope so I won’t post how do to that unless necessary. If you want to circulate air, put in a ceiling fan. Override all thermostat settings at once. Post 5 made on Friday March 23, at This will cause the Stats to “Hold”.


RC: Honeywell Envirocom protocol

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Monitor and control any network thermostat. I can’t find any thermostah at all for the thermostat you posted, but so softwzre as it needs mA or less at 24 Vac then it should work. If wrong, your thermostat simply won’t get power.

Universal Remote Control Inc. Do you Crestron, AMX guys avoid this system, or do you have stable drivers or a work around for this? Please read the following: If you do need more than mA, normally you could upgrade the transformer — but in this case, it’s all an integrated enfirocom unit.

I have to assume he has collected his final by now, mosfetman. Post as a guest Name.